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The Slipway is a very popular shopping & leisure centre, unique in its kind in Dar es Salaam. Located on the Msasani Peninsula and bordering the Indian Ocean it offers an excellent mix of activities and products attractive to both residents and tourists.

Here you can shop ‘till you drop, hunt for souvenirs, get a haircut or a massage, drink, eat, party, enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean and let the kids rollick about on the playground. And if you don’t want to leave there is always Hotel Slipway to spend a night with a view.

If onshore activities are not enough then explore the waters of the Indian Ocean. The Slipway, via its own 200m jetty, gives direct access to the sea and is a base for all sorts of aquatic activities including scuba diving, sailing, fishing, boat cruises, etc.

Most importantly, The Slipway is the launching pad to neighbouring Bongoyo Island Marine Park & Reserve, the closest clean swimming spot in and around the city and a great brief holiday away from Dar.

Aerial View of Slipway
En Route to Bongoyo
Swimming at Bongoyo
Bongoyo Port
Bongoyo Beach


Bongoyo & Mbudya are uninhabited islands, situated 2.5 km and 5 km respectively north of the Slipway. Both are popular snorkelling and sunbathing daytrip destinations for both tourists and Tanzanian residents alike.

Daily Boat/Ferry Timetables

Direction Time
Slipway to Bongoyo 09:30
Bongoyo to Slipway 12:30
  • Time (E&OE) is departure time.
  • Boat departs only with a total of 4 or more passengers.
Direction Time
Slipway to Mbudya 09:30
Mbudya to Slipway 14:00
  • Time (E&OE) is departure time.
  • Boat departs only with a total of 6 or more passengers.

Boat/Ferry Prices

Boat tickets for return trips to Bongoyo and Mbudya cost roughly USD 13.00 and USD 17.50 respectively. Please keep in mind that the islands are located in a marine park and, in addition to the boat ticket, park fees are charged. Tanzanian citizens are asked to pay ca. USD 1.00 as park fees while non-Tanzanians have to part with approximately USD 12.00 per person.

All pricing and park fee information is provided E&OE and based on publications which were available in early 2021.